FERUM; Finite Element Reliability Using Matlab

The FERUM project was initiated in 1999 at the University of California, Berkeley, by Terje Haukaas and Armen Der Kiureghian, primarily for pedagogical purposes aimed at teaching and learning structural reliability and stochastic finite elements methods.

Acknowledgement of contributing researchers (see also the Program Overview section):

Anthony Hahnel

Paolo Franchin

Bora Gencturk; Junho Song

Shamim Pakzad

Bruno Sudret

Jean-Marc Bourinet

Terje Haukaas (creator, coordinator)

With time FERUM has grown to also serve as a test-bed for development and visualization of new methods and solution strategies in structural reliability and for implementation of these methods in larger codes, such as OpenSees. An open-source development strategy has been used, welcoming other researchers to connect to, make use of the program and contribute to it. This has proved successful. Significant contributions have been provided by others (see the program overview and table of contributors). FERUM is now well known in the structural reliability community and is used in many universities as a teaching and research tool.

You are most welcome to download the program (see the download section) under the GNU license agreement. Feel free to send general inquiries to adk@ce.berkeley.edu. For inquiries regarding a specific FERUM component, please contact the developer directly as listed in the program overview and the above list. It should be emphasized that this program is under constant development. Comments and suggestions will indeed influence how the program evolves.