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Independent Levee Investigation Team Final Report

Investigation of the Performance of the New Orleans Flood Protection Systems in Hurricane Katrina on August 29, 2005

July 31, 2006

Volume I: Main Text and Executive Summary

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Cover, Table of Contents, and Executive Summary

Part I: Introduction

Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview

Part II: Technical Studies

Chapter 2: Overview of Hurricane Katrina and its Aftermath
Chapter 3: Geology of the New Orleans Region
Chapter 4: History of the New Orleans Flood Protection System
Chapter 5: The Lower Mississippi Region and Plaquemines Parish
Chapter 6: The St. Bernard Parish and Lower Ninth Ward Protected Area
Chapter 7: The New Orleans East Protected Area
Chapter 8: The Orleans East Bank (Downtown) and Canal District Protected Area
Chapter 9: Overtopping-Induced Erosion Studies
Chapter 10: Earthen Levee Evaluation
Chapter 11: Summary of Engineering Lessons

Part III: Organizational and Institutional Issues

Chapter 12: Organized for Failure
Chapter 13: Organized for Success
Chapter 14: Engineering for Success

Part IV: Summary and Findings

Chapter 15: Findings and Recommendations

Volume II: Appendices

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Cover and Table of Contents

Appendix A: Terrestrial LIDAR Imagery of New Orleans Levees Affected by Hurricane Katrina
Appendix B: Boring Logs
Appendix C: CPT Logs
Appendix D: STE Laboratory Testing
Appendix E: UC Berkeley Laboratory Testing and ILIT In-Situ Field Vane Shear Testing
Appendix F: Looking Back
Appendix G: Looking Forward
Appendix H: How Safe Is Safe? Coping with Mother Nature, Human Nature and Technology's Unintended Consequences
Appendix I: Erosion Test Results On New Orleans Levee Samples

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